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What can CloudTV do?

CloudTV is a home media center based on the OTT platform, so it not only has live and on-demand functions, but also has many powerful functions.

Streaming content

Not only has thousands of global live TV channels, but also has tens of thousands of various movies, TV series, animation and variety shows and other video resources.

All these contents are jointly maintained by community users, so they are not only stable but also updated in real time.

APP Store

Are you still worried about not knowing how to install apps on your TV? We have built-in App Center, which provides thousands of popular TV apps around the world.

Even if your TV does not support Google Play services, you can easily install various apps.

EPG and recording

We provide EPG of 2000 major channels around the world, so you can easily set reminders or automatically play.

At the same time, we also provide a recording function, you can customize or set the recording time according to the EPG.

Even if you are not at home, CloudTV will automatically record according to your settings.Never let you miss any wonderful shows.

Support all devices

CloudTV is not only used on your Android TV, we also support mobile phones, tablets and Windows systems.

At the same time, CloudTV also supports the widely used DLNA, Airplay, Chromecast and other screen sharing protocols, so you can watch it on any device.

Community collaboration and interaction

CloudTV is not just a streaming media player, it is also a community interactive platform on the TV side, all content is maintained by the community users themselves.

So you can not only share streaming content that you find interesting with the whole community, but you can also participate in real-time discussions. Each of our channels, each of our videos has its own chat room, and what you're talking about in the chat room can be seen by other users not only in the chat room, but also on their TV.

Instead of watching TV alone, you're watching TV at the same time and discussing it with millions of your friends around the world.

Home media center

CloudTV is a home media center that supports the playback of videos, pictures and audio files in any format. It also has a built-in web server.

So you can easily access and manage your TV through the browser of your mobile phone, computer or tablet.

Not only can you manage the files and APP applications on the TV, you can also push any type of video, music and pictures to the TV for playback.

Of course, you can also set up various scheduled tasks for your TV at any time, such as turning on regularly, downloading videos, recording videos, or playing TV channels, etc.

When your TV + CloudTV + a mobile hard disk, you are equivalent to having a NAS + electronic album + full format support player + satellite TV + mini computer at the same time.

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Why choose CloudTV?

We are a team of perfectionists, and we enthusiastically put this project into practice. Our main task is to make it as easy as possible for customers to enjoy TV, just sit down, spend the TV night alone or with friends and family. Therefore, in these 10 years of operation, we continue to improve our services and Products.

Our APP has been developed for 10 years, and it is adapted to hundreds of TVs, mobile phones and tablets. On average, we will upgrade once a month to add new functions or fix bugs. Therefore, our APP is more stable than similar Other products.

In the design of the APP, we try our best to be simple and easy to use, especially for the elderly. Therefore, we do not pursue gorgeous effects, but all start from simplicity, pursuing the ease of use and smoothness of the APP. So even if you have The elderly, or your device is very old, can still use CloudTV happily.

We are actively and willing to accept user feedback, so our APP has very powerful features. These features are all suggestions from users. Therefore, if you have any needs, as long as you give us feedback, we will do our best To achieve it.

We have dozens of transmission nodes around the world, and the total bandwidth has reached 100Gbps. Therefore, no matter where you are in the world, as long as your local network speed reaches 20Mbps, you can watch smoothly.

Our transmission system uses a self-developed streaming media transmission protocol, which is faster and safer, especially for areas where the network environment is not very good. At the same time, because it is a private protocol, you don't have to worry about your privacy being leaked.

CloudTV provides complete user equipment and permission management. You can edit your private content, manage your equipment and subscribed services through OTT platform system at any time. You can even create your own unique custom APP.

Why choose CloudTV?

Because CloudTV is not only a streaming software, but also a social software. When you watch TV alone, you won't feel lonely without the company of family and friends. You can see real-time users on TV Discussion of the program. Of course, you can also simply and conveniently scan the QR code with your mobile phone to join in.

Each channel and each video is a relatively independent chat room. You can discuss the plot with people around the world in it. And the content you discuss will be displayed on the TVs of all users around the world. From then on, you no longer Alone, you have countless friends who will accompany you to watch TV.

Why choose CloudTV?

CloudTV is also a typical home media center. You can manage or use it through a computer, mobile phone or tablet. Not only can you use it to push any video, music, picture or web page to your TV and play it, you can also use it with Your family members share photos and videos on your phone or computer.

By connecting a mobile hard disk, it can also be used as your home's Network Attached Storage. You can store or manage files, and you can also set download tasks to automatically download network videos or files.

At the same time, it can also be used as a home video recorder. You can automatically record the TV programs you are interested in according to EPG or custom time.

Finally, it supports DLNA, Airplay, chromecast and other protocols, so it doesn't matter if your TV does not support Android system. As long as you have an Android system device and install CloudTV, you can push streaming media to your TV and watch .

Why choose CloudTV?

We not only provide 7x24 hours of ticket feedback and technical support, but also provide online technical support services. If you have any problems in use, you can always get help through online technical support or ticket system.

Our customer service staff will solve all the problems you encounter. Even if you encounter some unsolvable problems, we will also make an appointment with you and arrange a technician to help you solve it remotely.

After you use CloudTV, we will always keep in touch with you and solve the problems you encounter. Make sure you can watch your favorite TV happily.

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